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With the new trend of technology development, digitalization, operations and organization transformation, and globalization, the demands on new leadership have never been greater. This is why companies today want more than a consultant: they want to co-create leadership solutions in true partnership with strategic, long-term trusted advisors.


Outstanding leaders drive business performance. We provide the insight organizations need to make the critical decisions about who to hire, develop and promote, and advise on how to improve the performance of their top teams and boards. We focus on clients’ specific leadership needs, whether facing disruption, mergers and acquisitions, global expansion, family business generational shifts or the challenge of driving growth or profitability.


With rich successful experience closely working with investors, founders, chief executive officers, and board of directors of many top private owned enterprises and unicorn companies, we provide the leadership solutions that will ensure our client organizations’ success for today and the future. Whether we are identifying, assessing, or developing our client organizations’ leadership, we have proprietary tools to support the goal. These include Executive Search that assists our clients identify, assess and secure the best talents and executives on the market; Market Intelligence Study, which helps our clients better understand how the current organization structure and talent strategy support their business growth; External Benchmarking, which helps clients identify and unlock their executives’ full capabilities; and Executive Coaching provides a blueprint and handholding for leaders to trigger disruptive change, and build a culture of successful innovation.



Our long experience and strong principles have stamped total discretion, integrity and care into our activities for both clients and candidates. Expertise and focus are critical, we thoroughly understand all the major industry sectors and have a record of making appointments which last and add value to our clients.




Our research teams have a good coverage both geographically and in specific industry market knowledge. With a wide range of sector experience, Atkins & Associates are able to provide the right research support to our consultants and clients no matter the requirement. 




To ensure that the leadership skills and mindsets of senior executives are appropriately aligned with internal and external business needs, using a combination of psychometric and 360° assessments, benchmarking, and executive coaching.


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