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What began as “digital transformation” has morphed into something much larger—a drive to connect every aspect of an enterprise so that everything from planning and procurement to manufacturing, sales, distribution, and customer experience work together as a seamless, continually improving organism. Great organizations are those that approach this task in innovative ways—and invariably, that innovation comes down to rethinking operations and overall supply chain management. Operations leaders are now positioned squarely at the center of business strategy. They need to be able to seize opportunities, forge strategic alliances internally and externally, and be a full business partner to the rest of the C-suite.

Globalization, digital disruption, financial markets, low-cost country sourcing and customer service pressures have transformed operations management from a tactical function into a strategic one.  Our COO Practice consultants have previously worked at the world’s leading consulting firms and fortune 500 companies as Head of Operations or SCM. We are experienced in finding operations, supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and logistics leaders who can meet the growing scope of the function.

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