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A top notch CFO must have strategic finance skills in capital planning, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, investor relations, tax, and FP&A - as well as the operational capabilities to grow a business and manage change. In addition, they must be able to guarantee the integrity of the organization’s financial condition and reported results, enhance shareholder value, establish optimal risk management, and keep a sharp eye on costs — all while under scrutiny from the government, the board directors, and the shareholders.

Needless to say, there is a highly competitive market for professionals who excel in this role. Finding outside candidates requires in-depth sector knowledge and strong relationships. Even more importantly, the ability to identify qualified internal candidates and develop a thoughtful succession strategy is critical. Our CFO Center of Expertise assists companies in attracting, developing, and retaining chief financial officers and senior finance executives who possess best-in-class leadership, finance, and operational skills. We leverage a deep database and broad industry coverage to source qualified outside talent, and we deliver smart solutions for identifying and cultivating talent from within. Once these financial leaders are in place, we build comprehensive organizational solutions that train, support, compensate, and retain them as they build strong talent foundations that will maximize productivity and ensure the organization’s financial future.

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