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New business models, technological disruption, and increased global competition have led to urgent demand for insights from consulting, audit, and other professional services firms. But the types of insights needed have changed as well. The days of consultants cloistered among themselves in open-ended, large-scale projects are over; clients want true partners who work alongside them as catalysts and co-creators. This environment calls for a different type of firm leadership.

Atkins & Associates ’s Consulting Practice helps your firm evaluate leadership capabilities and identify partners with the personal qualities needed to create a culture centered on collaboration. We help you grow leaders who can spur innovation both at home and in client organizations. And we work seamlessly with our colleagues in our global offices across multiple industry and functional practices to recruit partners with the standing and networks to build vibrant new practices.

At Atkins & Associates, we understand the challenges professional services firms face. We have extensive experience of working with professional services firms. Our ability to leverage our global Professional Services Practice, which includes consultants with primary expertise in consulting, enables us to assemble a global team that assures our clients the optimum solution.

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