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Atkins & Associates works largely on a partnership model with clients. We strongly believe that nowadays the value a search firm can bring to clients is not simply information matching, but the market intelligence study, information brokerage, data analytics, preliminary business planning based on not only traditional consulting methodology but also experience sharing and brainstorming among industry executives and opinion leaders. We offer more than executive search service to our partnership clients.


Based on thorough market research, and information collection from interview with senior executives and industry opinion leaders,  we provide our clients with full visibility on market landscape of their sectors, competitors’ activities, growth potentials of addressable market, challenges and opportunities, key success factors and industry barriers, etc.
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Our diversified portfolio of offering enables us to identify and assess business issues, and talent & organization issues from a more complete and objective angle. Apart from our well established executive search business (Atkins & Associates) and its extensive network of senior executives, the Insights business (Atkins Insights) secured more than 200,000 industry experts who contributes updated market insights, business intelligence and thought leadership, which are essential for us to collect critical data and information, then conduct analysis to formulate business and talent & organization solutions. Besides, our Advisory business (Atkins Advisory) provides us with a holistic view of global industry landscape changing and trend of capital movement and asset allocation.


Given the broad services offering capability, we are in a good position of diagnosing business and talent & organization issues from a more strategic perspective for our clients, and coming up with an implementable solution. We look into our clients’ business from corporate strategy, operating model, organizational structure, job competency modeling and KPI designing, performance measurement and monitoring, to talent acquisition and development plan, before jumping into any hypnotical conclusion in Human Resources or Recruitment. It is the key differentiator between us and other executive search firms. Our combined team of search veterans and ex management consultants also ensures a perfect balance of deliverables between being result driven and adopting consultative approach


At Atkins & Associates we value all of our clients and candidates highly, which is why we aim to build long, mutual beneficial and unique partnerships with the clients and candidates we come in contact with. Creating added value is our number one priority. We are here for you and your organization.


Our job is to facilitate your needs and we are deeply committed to having a positive and meaningful impact on our clients and candidates work and their lives. We believe in adding personalised value by integrating innovative approaches to truly have a deep and effective impact on our clients and candidates
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