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A chief product officer (CPO), sometimes known as chief innovation officer, is a corporate title referring to an executive responsible for various product-related activities in an organization, especially a corporation. A CPO is responsible for all product-related matters. Usually includes product innovation, conception and development, production in general, project management and product management. In many IT/telecommunications companies, this position includes release management and production. They typically work on the product strategy based upon the goals set by the CEO or board members. A chief product officer may sometimes serve as a chief marketing officer by involving themselves in marketing and advertising product benefits to the consumers. The CPO can both design or modify the product, so that it reaches the customer's satisfaction.



Nowadays more and more internet companies and new economy players are growing to global giants in various sectors. CPOs become particularly important to their growth and success. These leaders are critical to the product’s success and work closely. This is because both play a central role in helping the organization pursue and achieve a Complete Product Experience (CPE) — the comprehensive relationship customers share with your product. Our consultants from CPO practice are mainly from leading Internet companies and have good understanding on full parameters of this important role.

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