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The private equity sector is experiencing unprecedented fund inflows and investment activity. Given our long-standing focus in this area, Atkins & Associates is uniquely equipped to help firms address the growing related demands. We have been the partner most often trusted by private equity firms looking to expand from their home base to new geographies — whether starting from Europe, the United States, Asia, or elsewhere.

There are two distinct aspects to private equity talent sourcing. At the fund level, entities require top caliber leaders across a full suite of roles: investment professionals, operating partners, senior advisers, and functional leads such as human resources, investor relations, capital markets, CFOs, and COOs. At the portfolio level, C-suite and board positions across all industries are in high demand. For these highly regionalized businesses, we can draw upon our deep local and sector expertise across practices, all aligned with their PE counterparts.

Despite significant financial incentives tying talent to existing shops, the rapid expansion of portfolios has fueled an enticing market for top performers. This places the onus on PE executive teams to manage their talent proactively and systematically, including leadership succession. This is another area in which Atkins & Associates excels, honed through extensive experience across financial services verticals.

We welcome the opportunity to help private equity management teams experience true local partnership through Atkins & Associates’s deep expertise and integrated service approach.

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