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Market Intelligence study our clients not only demand a high quality and well researched shortlist but also want detailed information on the market place where the key talents are in their sector and competitors. Our research team is responsible for compiling this information using a number of research methods and by networking with senior executives to gain their insight and market/competitors’ information. Creativity is of the utmost importance, as opinions/ideas from different types of executives will lead our clients to the most ideal and correct answer for their business issues and challenges. Our research teams have a good coverage from both industry vertical and topic perspectives, with extensive geographic network.  Having a wide range of sector experience, we are able to provide our clients with full visibility on market landscape of their sectors, competitors’ activities, growth potentials of addressable market, challenges and opportunities, key success factors and industry barriers, etc.


Our Market Intelligence study includes but is not limited to:

•    Market share and penetration analysis & market sizing and forecasting

•    Competitors’ strategy study and its strength and weakness analysis

•    Operations issue identification and SCM optimization plan

•    Operating model and organizational structure diagnosis

•    KPI, measurement and incentive plan study

•    Positioning  and competitors’ perception study

•    Pricing strategy and client demand analysis

•    Key decision makers’ identification and introduction

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