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The new millennium finds the life sciences industry facing a host of new challenges:

  • Unprecedented merger and alliance activity in the supply (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical supplies/devices) and healthcare delivery sectors.

  • New paradigms in the R&D arena where breakthroughs in drug discovery and the use of information technologies impact on traditional organizations.

  • Trends in marketing, consumer advertising and population health management require constant replenishment of new product pipelines to retain a competitive edge.

  • Changes in healthcare financing coupled with an aging population and new healthcare consumerism require increasing productivity, cost efficiencies and flexibility by healthcare suppliers, payers and providers alike.

  • E-health is a new and exciting trend with dramatic implications across all sectors of the industry.


In the competition for talent, Atkins & Associates' global Life Sciences and Health Care Services Practice is uniquely qualified to advise on leadership issues, and identify and recruit the exceptional senior executives and board members required to meet these challenges. Each of our consultants brings years of industry experience and knowledge of the particular issues facing our clients in each life sciences/healthcare sector. Beyond their expertise as leaders in the search industry, they are recognized as valuable allies and strategic partners of top organizations worldwide. Life Sciences and Health Care Services Practice members conduct approximately 200 assignments annually for some of the most respected names in the following industry sectors:


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotech

  • Generics

  • Medical Devices

  • Diagnostics

  • Healthcare Services

  • Healthcare Information

  • Consumer Health

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