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We have​ a strong track record of recruiting, developing and advising world-class human resources executives for the word's most progressive companies.


Recognized as one of the leaders in human resources leadership advisory services, our firm has developed a reputation for thoughtfully and strategically recruiting and assessing transformational human resources executives. With years of experience and a global network, we are able to help clients identify the right fit for their organization with a clear view of both current and future needs.

We find human resources executives who are lead architects in building a transformational workforce. In the face of business environments characterized by volatility and uncertainty, competitive advantage hinges on workforce agility and high-performance cultures. More and more, CEOs have recognized the strategic role the human resources function plays in the core strategic issues companies face, including growth strategy, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, increased board oversight, and evolving governance and reporting requirements. We recruit, develop and advise human resources executives with a demonstrated ability to partner directly with senior line executives to ensure complete alignment between human capital strategy and business strategy.


We conduct rigorous research to identify the attributes of the world’s best human resources leaders.​ Our consultants understand the critical importance of a strong, results-oriented culture and a human capital strategy that supports the board, the CEO and the senior leadership team. We have conducted in-depth analyses of the chief human resources officer role to understand where leading human resources executives come from and what differentiates the best among them. These insights, combined with our deep experience and global network, give our clients unique access to the very best candidates.​

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