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A global sweepstakes is building in the search for top-level AI talent and solutions. Traditionally dominated by North America (Silicon Valley) and China, and heavily concentrated in top companies such as Apple and Google, more companies are moving towards digital maturity, these technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and more broadly implemented, and their uses and applications are multiplying exponentially. Organizations of all sizes are battling over a limited pool of experts versed in technologies and applications ranging from speech recognition and business analytics to natural language processing, IoT, and data science robots.

We have assumed a global leadership role in developing comprehensive AI talent strategies that help companies find, train, and retain the professionals they need to compete in todays highly adopted digital markets. We tap critical AI hubs from Silicon Valley to Beijing, identifying current and future AI/ML superstars with strong experience and a client-centric approach across varied geographies and markets. We help companies structure their organization to seize the opportunities presented by these ever-evolving technologies. And we build teams and solutions that meet each client’s tailored needs, and deliver real business outcomes with measurable bottom line impact. 

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